Published On 03/13/2015

Suze Bitters

A range of bitters developed with and for bartenders.

bitter_suzeBitters – a category in utter revival

Although they are suggestive of bitterness, you should not confuse bitters with the bitter category. Bitters are used in drops or sips as flavorings to round cocktails off.

Bitters have been traditionally crafted from a base of gentian complemented with various aromas of aromatic plants. In the latest years, this category has experienced a true revival both in France and abroad owing to the thriving of mixing and cocktail bars.

Suze Bitters – a bitter range developed by and for barmen

In order to respond to professional demands in the best fashion possible, Suze resorted to the advice of 3 of the best French barmen: Fernando Castellon, Joseph Biolatto, and Julien Escot.

This unique collaboration gave rise to a premium three-bitter range that will meet the expectations of the most demanding barmen.


In this joint initiative, the idea was to make an additional qualitative step to existing products in the market by picking up the 3 most used aromas by barmen.”

Fernando Castellon


Suze – a unique know-how

Since 1889, Suze has excelled in the art of combining gentian with various aromatic plants in order to create extremely aromatic bitters. A centenarian know-how now at the service of a bitter range.


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